From The Mouth of Babes....

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

In the spirit of ADHD Awareness Month, I decided to let my oldest daughter put into her own words how it feels to be a child with ADHD.

What makes you sad or upset about having ADHD?

Having ADHD is not so bad you cant even tell its there most of the time it just makes you more hyper than other children.what makes me upset about ADHD is that people judge you for having it even though its not your fault.

Tell me something good about having ADHD.

The good thing about having ADHD is that your more energetic then most people.

What would you tell a friend that just found out they have ADHD?

If my friend found out that she has ADHD I would tell her there is nothing wrong with ADHD if anything that might be a good thing.

What do you want adults to know about ADHD?

I want adults to stop blaming stuff on kids just because they have ADHD.

What are 3 jobs that you think would be cool to have?

Three jobs I think would be cool to have is to be an astronaut, engineer, or a zoologist.

Have you ever asked your kiddos what it's like to have ADHD? Try it out, you may be surprised at the answers you get! You can use some of the questions above or create some of your own. It is always good to hear from them how they feel.

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